We are Chiara and Serena, two young freelance translators who share a common passion for languages. 

We met at the University of Strasbourg, in France, where we attended a Master’s degree in translation.

After graduation, we decided to combine work and friendship by building this website for translation and about translation.

Want to know us better?

Here we are!


Hello! I am Chiara, 26 years old, born and raised in Tuscany.  
Music addicted, sea lover, extremely passionate for the French language and new books.

I have a Translation degree in English, French and Italian, but I also speak Spanish and a little Chinese.

Languages have always been a part of me.
When I was a child, I would play at guessing the words of foreign songs, and English and Italian were my favourite subjects at school.
In 2018 I graduated in Translation and Interpreting at the Istituto di Alti Studi CARLO BO in Florence. Then in 2019 I landed (literally!☺) in Strasbourg, where I completed my universtity course with a Master’s degree in translation.
This gave me the opportunity to cultivate my passion for the French language, but also to gain experience in marketing translation and develop a strong interest in legal translation, a field in which I specialise.
Alongside translation, I have always had a strong passion for teaching: I organise tailor-made courses in both English and French.

If you want to find out more about me, visit my personal website!

My perfect moment?
Headphones, a good book and a walk on the sea!


“Where are you from? That’s the question I’ve never been able to respond to in a single word so if you want to know the answer you’ll have to keep up with this long explanation.
I was born and raised in Luxembourg by two Italian parents that come from different regions of Italy.
My mum is from the South but was born and raised in the North, my dad is from the South and was born in Switzerland. We have always spoken Italian and English but thanks to my grandparents I’ve also learned Italian dialects and to speak with my hands.
I attended the European School of Luxembourg in a great multicultural environment: every teacher addresses you in a different language and all of your friends come from different countries and backgrounds.
After high school I lived in Strasbourg for 5 years, a European capital and multi-ethnic city where I graduated in Mediterranean languages and cultures and completed my university course with a Master’s degree in translation studies.
My love for the Arabic language and culture was born in this French city and I intend to share it with you in this blog. My aim is to combine my interest in science, my love for animals and my passion for translation to specialise in medical, technical and scientific translation.

Our team reunited in Livorno 😍